(From “National Socialism:  History and Myths, Chapter IX.A)


Translated by Oregoncoug


“The Gods are with those who overcome themselves”


“No one can kill a Dragon without becoming a Dragon himself.  So it was with Saint George the Dragon-Slayer.  He was the greatest among Dragons.”



In the north of India, in the year 600 A.D., a set of practices were gathered and encoded that became known as the Diamond Way, in Tantric Yoga.  This way, in fact, is a compendium of ancestral teachings in which ancient initiatic orders took part, such as, for example, the Mithraists, the Fedele d’Amore and the initiates of the long-ago Mysteries, the hermetic work and alchemy.


Nietzsche, the prophet of the superman, is a great scholar of the ancient world, gathering in his work much of that knowledge.  In his book “The Twilight of the Idols,” which dramatizes a conversation between the diamond and its relative the cooking coal, Nietzsche refers to the initiation process by which the vulgar carbon becomes the pure diamond.  This is the Diamond Way:


“Why so hard?” the kitchen coal once said to the diamond.  “After all, are we not close kin?”

Why so soft?  O my brothers, thus I ask you:  are you not after all my brothers?

Why so soft, so pliant and yielding?  Why is there so much denial, self-denial, in your hearts?  So little destiny in your eyes?

And if you do not want to be destinies and inexorable ones, how can you one day triumph with me?

And if your hardness does not wish to flash and cut through, how can you one day create with me?

For all creators are hard.  And it must seem blessedness to you to impress your hand on millennia as on wax.

Blessedness to write on the will of millennia as on bronze, harder than bronze, nobler than bronze.  Only the noblest is altogether hard.

This new tablet, O my brothers, I place over you: Become hard!

–Zarathustra, III:  On Old and New Tablets, 29.


“Only be tough, firm as the Aryan rocks of the Exsternsteine, and you can modify destiny in the darkest time.”

Miguel Serrano


In Tantric Yoga, who has carried the yogic process to a successful conclusion has awakened and developed the serpent energy of kundalini.  This sleeps at the base of the spine, and on reaching the highest seat, (located not in the physical body but on the head, as the crown aureole of the saints over the head), deconditions the physical body and bases it on the reintegrated I.  This is the fundamental method of all this way of initiation. The physical body itself is no longer lived with the heavy weight of materiality, but as energy, alive and active.  Then one has achieved the body of the “diamond bolt.”  To achieve this, force and dedication are required until one hardens oneself like a rock (or diamond) and becomes insensible to human weakness and cowardice.


We cannot think it casual that Miguel Serrano as well as Julius Evola, two well-known in esoteric circles of the phenomena of National Socialism and Fascism, were great personalities in Tantric Yoga who dedicated many of their studies to this topic.


Julius Evola states in his book “Tantric Yoga” that “the particularity of the Tantras is in the particularity of their practice.  Neither a lamentation nor contrition, nor repentance before a divinity.  This is the practice of the union of Purusha and Prakriti.”


We understand Purusha is the masculine principle, purely spiritual, immutable and luminous, that Tantrism identifies with Shiva.  For its part, Prakriti is the nature opposite to Shiva, the feminine principle or Shakti, the active and creative energy of the universe. Shakti is the wife of Shiva.


Evola continues stating Tantric Yoga “is the practice or discipline (sadhana) of the union of Purusha and Prakriti, the practice destined to unite in the body the masculine principle and the feminine or maternal principle, to free from attributes what has attributes (i.e., deconditioning being)…  This practice is achieved with the awakening the forces of the body…  This is not pure philosophy; does not worry about weighing empty formulas, but with something practical.”  The Tantras state:  “Begin exercising under the supervision of a qualified teacher.  If you do not get positive results quickly, you are free to leave.”  The powerful do not go around wearing a neither Brahmin or ascetic robe nor lecture on yoga practice:  Only practice leads to success.  About that there is no doubt.


The man of “the age of shadows” or Kali-Yuga is closely tied to his physical body and cannot disregard it.  The way that suits him is not that of pure distancing, but rather that of awakening and dominating the hidden energies enclosed within the body.  Moreover, in Kali-Yuga, Kali, goddess of the first importance in Tantrism signifying the elemental and abyssal forces, is in a free state for what Tantra teaches us to take on, deal with, “to ride the tiger,” or to dominate and transform them according to the Tantric principle of “turning poison into medicine.”  Tantra does not exclude the ascesis of joyful pleasure; indeed, the two are tied one to the other.  In Tantrism, an essential change occurs when the liberated one is alive and in his body, having obtained deconditioning, sahaja.  In other words, there is a discipline that can “be free and invulnerable” concerning the full enjoyment of everything the world has to offer, while we take from this world all its characteristics of appearance, illusion, mirroring and attachment the Vedanta has attributed to it. According to the Tantra, the world is not Maya (illusion), but power.


And this paradoxical coexistence of freedom and the dimension of self-transcendence and joy in the world, the free experience of the world, is closely linked to the essential task or formula of Tantrism:  The union of impassable Shiva with ardent Shakti in our own being and on all the planes of reality.


Thus, Tantra offers both joy and release.  Dionysus was regarded by the ancients as analogous with Shiva beneath one of his principal aspects that puts into relief the Tantrism of the Left Hand.  A conception of the world as power.  In the forms assumed by Tantrism, Shiva keeps the specific traits of pure transcendence or purusha, being especially associated with a Shakti of terrible type, above all Kali or Durga, personification of his own indomitable and unleashed manifestation.


When Hinduism adopted the doctrine of the Trinity, or the triple aspect of the Principle, personified in three divinities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the significance of the two ways becomes clear to us:  Right Hand and Left Hand.  The first term of the Trinity is Brahma, the creator God; the second is Vishnu, the God who conserves creation and cosmic order; and the third is Shiva, the God who destroys (with the action of his transcendence over what is done and conditioned). The Way of the Right Hand is beneath the sign of the first two divinities, the first two aspects of the divine, the Way of the Left Hand is beneath the sign of third divinity, Shiva.  This is the road that essentially takes the form of Tantrism and Shaivism.


In brief, we take as characteristic of Tantrism a metaphysic of the Principle of power.  Then follows the re-evaluation of the practice already undertaken.  In particular, the doctrine of the mantra, made from a metaphysics of the verb is considered as Tantric.  The mantra becomes a word of power and acquires such importance that Tantrism has sometimes been called the Way of Mantra.


But it is especially Hatha Yoga (exercise, physical postures and breathing techniques of Yoga) that has a specifically Tantric character.  The correct translation of the term Hatha Yoga is “violent” yoga and in no way the usual translation of the term as “physical” yoga. This Hatha Yoga is to be understood as yoga of the power of the serpent, as kundalini-yoga, and is based on the awakening of the primordial Shakti, latent in the Indo-European organism, and in its use for liberation.  (Non-whites may use these techniques to better understand and associate with Indo-Europeans, but only racially pure Indo-Europeans can actually achieve the power.  But this achievement will then benefit all sentient beings.)  Physical strengthening through physical postures, breathing and sexual energy are considered as the only two roads that remain open to man in the Kali-Yuga.  They must be based on practice.  Only practice can lead us to know.


As the diamond is hard and practically indestructible, as the lightening bolt is powerful and irresistible, so the word vajra designates what is strong, permanent, indestructible, powerful and irresistible.  Vajra is immortal matter, red, hard like a diamond, immortalised and finally the Vajra-rupa is the immortal body, of Vajra.  In truth, this corresponds to resurrection and materialization of the astral body, the Lingasarira.  This is obtained in the Red Opus, the Rubedo of the “Opus Alchimicum.”


The highest initiates in National Socialism would have awakened their latent abilities through practice and the use of techniques aimed at superior developments, such as:


1)  Hardening practices through physical exercises, gymnastics and yoga, such as breathing.


2)  Thought control:  Use of the mind in such a way that one can handle their thoughts and visualise objects as if they were objects held within their bare hands.


3)  Visualisation.


4)  Astral projection.


5)  Transcendental consciousness, etc.


The Diamond Way and Tantric Yoga help awaken and develop the nature and powers or latent and “hidden” abilities in Aryan man:  the astral body.  Thus, according to this way, Hyperborean knowledge is recovered, that is, making the two hemispheres of the brain work together at the same time, since the “normal man” uses nothing more than the left, where the mind and rational technology are located.  Vril is that power or spiritual, magic organ the Hyperboreans possess and that connects with all the universes and “parallel worlds,” with the other dimensions. Hyperboreans once possessed them and through the Diamond Way modern white Indo-European men can recover them, for the benefit of everyone.


Modern man generally knows only the use of his left brain, which is the rational mind, but the initiate learns to balance his two cerebral hemispheres, becoming conscious and awake to the right hemisphere that is of intuition and paranormal abilities.


According to the Royal Art of Alchemy, on the Path of Heroes three magic steps, or states, are fulfilled: nigredo, albedo and rubedo:


1)  Nigredo means dissolution.  As the initiate awakens his hidden nature, he internally produces a process of fall and dissolution or what is esoterically defined as “mystic death,” where the “I” risks its demise.  Here the unblocking of the subconscious is produced that is symbolised in the “descent into hell” and is considered the most critical moment on the way of the spirit.  Carl G. Jung states that without taking this challenge there can not be a genuine mystical experience, given that the goal of both ways, mystical and initiatic, is to achieve the coincidentia oppositorum, the union of two contrary principles in a new unity, and this is only possible “making the unconscious conscious and living it as if it were real.” At this stage, there is the death of the old “I” (the lower self, purely physical and rational) and the initiate sees how the old world crumbles before his eyes.  It is a process equivalent to death, dissolution or something also identified with the putrefaction of the old personality, which is peeling away in so far as the nature of the initiate is transfigured.  In the rocks of the Exsternsteine, in Westphalia, a large open sarcophagus is found, where the initiates must pass a night, perhaps nine nights like Wotan, to arise from there resurrected as Kristos.  That was the culmination of nigredo.  The black magician king gives his gift to the newborn child.


2)  Albedo.  By persisting in practice, the initiatie is out of the maze gaining access to the astral world into which he enters in ecstatic state.  Kundalini has awakened, the Golden Serpent, the Ajna Chakra, and already the Phrygian Cap may be worn, of Mithras. The cap of Mithras, like the representation of snakes on the heads of Pharaohs, is a sign that the wearer has awakened Kundalini.  Now the “I” is retrieved, but as an incombustible soul able to preserve itself through the change of states.  The hero is truly an Aryan, reborn, a Twice-Born.  He who survives the nigredo is “saved from the waters.”  The God is now conscious and able to continue his march towards Hyperborea. In the albedo, the Aryan resurrected as white-man, with his blood purified, must journey through the deserts of the Exodus, still heading towards the White Pole, Thule, Hyperborea, to Asgard.  He will return to the Gobi Desert.  Now the white magic king brings his present to the reborn boy, the Hero.


3)  Rubedo.  This is a “miracle” that makes one immune to death and will occur at the end of a road, after wandering in the wilderness, through the albedo. In the legend of the Grail, Parzival, fighting with the Red Knight with red armor, which is the “resurrection of the body” of matter, now coated with a substance or immortal, incorruptible energy, “hard as diamond, red as the ruby,” with the name vajra, in Sanskrit.  Thus, it has risen with the body, and in the coffin or “grave” no one is found, only a Sword.  The “Double Born” has risen with his indestructible body of red immortal vajra.  He is taken up to heaven in a chariot engulfed in flames.  Therefore the Aryans burned their dead, in memory of this lost ability to dissolve corruptible matter in an inner fire, in the alchemical magic of transfiguration.  Also nothing remains of the cadaver on the funeral pyre, but a body of immortal vajra has risen.  In the red Opus, rubedo, the Boy that was born as an embryo in the nigredo and grew during the albedo has reached adulthood.  In the engravings of thePhilosophorum Rosarium, a small boy rises from the Bath of the Lovers.  He is the astral body, Rebis (of double nature) the Homunculus being born.  And, at the end, he is the King and Queen with one body.  And he is also the Crowned Androgyne.  Total Man. Absolute Man and Woman.  The Alchemist and his soror.  The Hero and his Valkyrie.  Magic red king carrying his gift to the resurrected Hero:  he is Vajra, Incorruptible Matter.  And the Hero, as Enoch, ascends to his own Universe, in the direction of the Ultimate Flower in a Chariot of Fire, in a Vimana.  He has mutated into a star, a Vimana.


National Socialism is a movement of action solidly standing on immutable transcendent principles.  That is, the movement is based on an immutable transcendent vision of the world and, in turn, does not have a passive contemplative religious attitude, but is a positive organization based on action.  Hence National Socialism shares the same principles that underpin Tantrism.  The symbols and forms of the movement, and the use and mastery of energies are those used by Hitler and Hess.  They are signs of this same yoga. Centrality and harmony.  Impassibility and movement. To achieve the fixed and immutable point from which to project oneself with freedom.  Like a swastika.  This is the ultimate realisation of Tantra.


All symbols of the Third Reich and its concentrated martial spirit, self-controlled, and action, signal this “Shaivist Principle.”  National Socialism, become the embodiment of this spirit, is a concrete moment in history.


As we have seen, Tantric Yoga uses the power of sexual energy.  In the Way of the Right Hand it does so without sexual intercourse with their partner.  In the Tantra of the Left Hand, generally, this sexual act with the partner is only realised once.  This act is calledMaithuna, and consists in reactivating and recreating the chakras.  This can open the third eye, inner vision and achieve immortality, all together.  As one can see, this is a sexual act that has nothing to do, not for the priests who perform it, nor by its form, nor by the objective pursued, with the sexuality of contemporary men.  Through canalisation, the domination and transmutation of sexual energy, mutation into the Superman and Absolute Personality is achieved.  


Where modern man comes with anxiety and vice for the sexual desire that dominates and degrades him and causes him to lose his dignity and will, the Tantric initiate works with and strengthens his body-mind, his will, affirming himself above his own sexual desire, becoming the Lord of himself.  In this way, through magic love, he develops and learns to channel his own sexual energy.  There are initiatic exercises and tests that stimulate sexual desire for the Tantric pair, but without ejaculating, that is, without allowing the sexual energy to be lost.  This dominion and accumulation of sexual power, efficiently canalised through physical exercises (asanas) and breathing (prahnayana), will produce, as we have indicated, the Kundalini to awaken, which as it develops and rises offers the initiate ecstatic states that permit him to access and live in superior states of consciousness.


“Esoteric Hitlerism,” about which Miguel Serrano speaks to us, developed this approach in his initiation to overcome the opposed pairs, achieving the creation of the astral body and individuation, totality and the alchemical androgyne.  In Wewelsburg Castle, Westphalia, the innermost circle of the S.S. was initiated into this way.  There, in that magically built room, they developed anti-gravitational science, according to a numeral science and Hyperborean Aryan mathematics, and there the S.S. achieved the disintegration of their physical bodies materialising their Astral Body, the EidelonLingasarira.  But only very few and in the greatest secrecy.






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  1. Reblogged this on Fiery Sword Golden Crown.

  2. Kamerad, to whom and to what shall I liken and compare you?
    You seem as one of those giants Serrano wrote about, silently toiling for us, your younger brethren, translating, always picking the very essential texts for our basic culture and esoteric education.
    Also noch einmal sag’ ich: hertzliche danke, Kamerad!
    I think I understand the topic exposed above, that of (spiritual attainment through) unweavering hardness, but whereas the wisdom of the Tantric path was sought and trodden for centuries, even before Don Serrano, he was the first to express in highly original terms the Teachnig of ELELLA, ELLAEL, NOS, of the Way of A-MOR, of Magical Love, of the serpent in the paradise, of the hermetic circle – that sublime Teaching.
    One that is definitively of Tantric provenance, but he did it in the context of our Western Civilisation.
    Poet, Philosopher, Thinker, above all -Lover of Kosmos, of Man, of Nature. Yes, true scientist!
    And yes, true inventor of true Triumph also, and this at a period when the mouths and hearts of men were massively muted, as if they were dead.
    Or corrupt beyond all hope.
    In ages past, there were the Troubadours, sure, the Soufis are also said to treasure true mysteries of Love – as do Kristian mystics, Gnostics; we can say that each of the many spiritual schools have their own ethos and methods and peculiar vocabulary.
    But San Serrano’s is unique in so many respects, all of them actually. Not the least because his ELLA made him recognize, at first but faintly, as it were, his connectedness with the German Führer that was Kristos – but also with his own Maestro.
    And thus his path unfolded.
    From the very beginning his saga was one of undying loyalty, of a Love so incredible, so real that it dwarfed even Romeo and Petrarca, Shakespeare and Majnun.
    But his is the Love comparable only to Sir Hasirim, the Song of Songs! Divine – but in an Aryan sense!
    And thus all his works are truly gospels, sacred -ergo humbly hidden away as a most guarded secret, so that one can be guided to their incredible words, if thus chosen, in one’s mature years -in order to realize that the process of maturity, true maturity, only just begun.
    The student becomes ready, like many times before. But for the very first time – the Maestro truly appears. Something is different this time. That subtle humiliation, the very one that usually and stubbornly follows all my passionate burning-up of cerebral but, above all, sentimental and emotional energy is missing this time.
    Calm prevails. Insight. Gratitude. Energy.
    Our human race likes to be told about love, to study it, to listen about its many spoils, but usually from a safe distance.
    If they only knew that Love is here.
    Waiting in humble gratitude in order to love us, just like it is written of Her.
    If we only knew what sacrifices Maestro Miguel Serrano took upon him in order to include us in his unique circle.
    “Only the noblest is altogether hard.” (Zarathustra)
    If they would only listen – and find out that the Maestro is still here. Immortal.
    Incomparable words were given to Don Serrano. Rhythm, tact, strength, force, courage of such intensity. All this behooves an Olympian spirit.
    And always, always he puts above him – his Maestro.
    And the Saviour of the World – Adolf Hitler. Who came as Kristos but so few of us recognized him for who he was.
    And even beyond – Allouine, NOS, Us, We.
    I experience difficulties when it comes to expressing my thoughs in English language, I feel rather clumsy. And I know that I didn’t do justice to Maestro’s words. It was presumptuous of me to even contemplate this, let alone do it. But out of fulness and gratitude my heart usurped the word, all in order to say: Gracias, Maestro!
    And thank you, comrade!
    In the words of Don Miguel Serrano: “For the blood of heroes comes closer to Wotan than the prayers of the saints.”

  3. Kamerad hosner88:

    Your English is quite good enough.

    Don Miguel Serrano builds on the great achievements of Nietzsche and Wagner to create for us the Worldview of the White Race for this new century and new millennium, in that respect much like Virgil did for the Middle Ages. We have our own highly unique racial heritage that is White Pan-European and Nordic Roman. That is what unites us as white folk and that is the true basis for a real actionable unity of the human race based on the diamond-hard Truth and all-permeating Universal Compassion of our White, Nordic and Aryan Blood.

    As for the prayers of the saints, it is true that in this century and millennium it is the blood of heroes that must save us. Even so, the ardent fiery prayers of White Men are also of great value, and much more so than the prayers of kinder and gentler women. Don Miguel did sometimes pray the Rosary up in the mountains above Santiago in his old noble family chapel that he himself took the trouble to renovate. If we are to heroically shed our blood for the victory of our Folk, then we will also have to use the precious heirlooms we retrieve from White Asia, including from among the racially best of the Hindus and Buddhists, to resurrect our own martyred European heritage and be both the crafty and skilful Magicians and the simple Kristians (and in some sense simple Christians) that Our Father Adolf Hitler wisely and firmly guides us to be.

    We are gloriously destined to be the heroes of our Folk, and also to be the leaders of our Folk. Sometimes in humility, and always in holy pride and arrogance, we are called by the Voice in our Blood to struggle unceasingly, in combats and in prayers, to the Ultimate and Absolute Victory of our blood kinsmen. In answer to the Call of Adolf Hitler, the Call of the Wild, with (as is said) prayers in our left hand and material weapons carried by our strong right arm.

    Innocent as cooing doves at dusk and dawn, wise as the deadliest and most magnificent vipers, that is what we are called to be.

    As Kameraden Unto Ultimate Victory,

    Sieg Heil!

    • Thank you Kamerad!
      Not only are you right, but possess a perspective far superior to my own. The formal education that I have being somewhat unbalanced, partial to certain subjects at the expense of others, I almost ‘forgot’ about the magical and orphic influence of Wagner on our Maestro, Don Miguel Serrano.
      And then there is Nietzsche.
      His overall influence can’t be ignored either, that’s another undeniable fact in our magical realism.
      But I’ve recently come across – on the blog that’s being written by Comrade SIDDHAREICH – a rather in-depth analysis of Friedrich Nietzsche’s writings and his mysterious influence on the subject of Philosophy that I was taken quite aback.
      It takes the form of an essay in five parts, written a couple of years ago.
      Nietzsche’s epigramic and original writing style, his dionysian Umwertung, his climb unto the Eternal Noon of all things, these are all painstakingly subjected to a sharp analysis based on thorough detective work, followed by a pretty valid if devastating judgment.
      As I finished reading the well written essay, much as I was shocked to admit it, suddenly there rose in my mind’s eye – not the Teacher of Der-Wille-zur-Macht – but a calculating and arrogant agent in literary employ of our rabinic enemies and their accursed estabilishment, one wielding first-class intelectual camouflage and exotic venoms for his mad inspiration, all this executed with confusion in sight, a levelling of the universe of discourse of the gullible goyim.
      The essay is full of difficult thoughts and ideas, but ultimately one gets the impression that it is a superior example of Aryan hard-won Wisdom, the author admiting that it was difficult for him as well – to part with his cherished notions of just who and what and for whom Friedrich Nietzsche really is.
      Curiously, Kamerad Siddhareich has a mind as sharp as Nietzsche, he is not some dilettante taking apart his favourite theory, or so gather I who indeed am a dilettante, but one that can appreciate Truth nonetheless.
      The question remains: was Friedrich making fun of us consciously or otherwise?
      The verdict on this seems to be positive.
      The air we breathe thus became even fresher, piercing the lungs, ennobling the longing.
      As Kameraden Unto Ultimate Victory,

      Sieg Heil!

  4. P.S. On consideration, I have to distance myself from the word I used to characterize myself, namely: dilettante.
    It wasn’t a particularly happy selection of expression.
    What I meant to say is that I was an amateur in terms of (learning) Philosophy, but I meant it in the original sense of the word, an amator, a lover of said subject, one that recognizes in himself a pronounced passion for gaining Wisdom and its traditions, but who is mainly self-taught, one that readily sacrifices his time and energy to study of Philosophia but who hasn’t got a teacher or a mentor or a professor and, hence, learns without a method, as the spirit prompts me. The older I get the less I am satisfied with this approach.
    Apropos, it is in this context that I wish to mention a text I discovered on your blog.

  5. It is M.J. Lochemes’ An Outline of Catholic Pedagogy. This work I find incredibly good, well written, possessed of that old-school demeanor that characterized thinkers who had a certain charisma to them, they simpy knew their pupils and public. This same spirit I recognize in National Socialism. I am fairly new to true Nazism, my thirst for learning is immense. Heil, Kamerad! And Heil Hitler!

  6. *simply

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